Monday, 31 March 2014

31/3/2014 - March (and February) Favourites!

Helloo all - how is everyone?
Last month I didn't do a favourites post cause I didn't really have enough to rave about - this month though, I seem have loads so let's look at this most as a February AND March favourites!

Soap & Glory's Rich & Foamous Body Wash - £6.50

There's bloggers out there who have the same taste as me in fashion, others in beauty and a few in other things like music and TV. Whenever I watch Zoe Sugg's videos, every product which she mentions the smell of, I seem to love - me and her seem to share taste in smell apparently! I love Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush Body Wash which is really zingy and citrusy smelling, but this is a nice alternative, it's less sweet and smells really rich and warm. It's very temping not to taste!

Nivea Happy Time Shower Creme - £1.89
I'm almost positive that I've mentioned this before in favourites gone by, but with it's fruity scent which is perfect for Spring, I've regained my love for one of my all-time favourite shower products, especially when I found this giant bottle in Home Bargains for £1.89. It's so smooth and silky and it's rare to find a citrusy scented product that doesn't smell full of chemicals - lovely stuff!

Primark Pink Plastic Cup with Stray - £2
Yes, I am including a CUP in my favourites - what has become on me that a CUP makes me this happy? And the reason? Well, having an ice dispensing fridge is great but I hate drinking something and having to dodge ice cubes falling at my face so this is perfect for chilled drinks without getting hit in the front teeth with an avalanche of ice. It was only £2 and comes in blue too - I'm using this almost every day now so I think I'll need to stock up for Summer when ice in my juice will be an absolute necessity!

L'Oreal Elnett Heat Protection Spray in 'Volume' - 
I cannot recommend highly enough is L'Oreal Elnett Heat Protection Spray in 'Volume'. I picked this up on Boots as part of a 3 for 2 just because I needed a new heat protector - I'd never heard any recommendations about it or reviews but I love L'Oreal Elnett hairspray and I'm a sucker for anything promising volume so in my basket this product went. What I've been doing is sectioning my hair into approx. 6 sections when I'm blow-drying it, drying each section tip it's about 70% dry, then spraying about 8-10 sprays of this per section and continuing to blow-drying until completely dry. It really works wonders at making my hair feel thicker and adding that volumey texture which those dry volume dusting powders do but without the build-up. It's one of the best voluming products I've ever used and what I love most about it is that it's easy to distribute volume throughout the length of your hair, not just the roots!

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in '205 Elusive' - £7.99
Most bloggers probably know all about these - they are Revlons latest lip product venture that everyone's been trying out. I bought 3 for 2 in Boots recently and this one is definitely my favourite and most used so far. It's a really pretty and very wearable mid-pink, it's matte but not TOO matte (ie. not chalky) and really long wearing with even fade which I find hard to come by in a matte lipstick. It's quickly becoming my favourite everyday lip product! 

Tesco's Choc-A-Bloc Chocolate in 'Banoffee Bananza' - £1.40
Not a whole lot to say on this other than it's my new favourite chocolate and it's a rarity to find any confectionary tailors to those who love banoffee like myself. It only comes in these huge bars though which is a bit annoying and a terrible excuse to eat the entire thing!

Fuschia Primark P.S. Nail Polish - £1 
Sorry that these doesn't actually have a shade names, but I cannot get enough of this nail polish. It's from Primark's new beauty range and the colour is absolutely perfect, it's just on the right side of pink where I don't feel too much like Barbie. It's not the greatest quality ever, the chips pretty easily but the colour is so bright and vibrant that I almost don't care. Best £1 I've spent in ages! 

Bit of a random mixture going on today - beauty, fashion, TV, kitchenware! What are you loving at the moment?

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

27/3/2014 - Revlon Color Blast Lacquer Balm in '115 Whimsical'

Helloo all - hope everyone's having a good week!

Last Tuesday, someone (I can't remember who - sorry!) posted on Twitter that it was the last day off Boots 3 for 2 so while I was heading out to Tesco anyway, I swung by to pick up foundation which I was in need of anyway and accidently picked up another of Relvon's new Lip Crayons - this time the glossy version instead of the matte balms which I already have 3 of. The colour I bought is '115 Whimsical' - a beautiful purply magenta which I think is the colour that Emma Stone wears in the TV advert for them - that's why I bought it, it looked stunning on her!

I have a soft spot for purply lips - I love MAC's 'Up The Amp' and have been meaning to get my paws on Topshop's 'Smoking Ace' for the longest time, but for some reason, this looked almost metallic in the advert and I was strangely drawn to it. It doesn't apply nearby as purple as I expected, it's definitely more of a pink with a purple sheen than a full-on purple, but I suppose that's maybe a little more wearable.

I love the format of these lip balms - they contain pretty much the same amount of product as a regular lipstick but its in a wind-up crayon format which is much easier to put on, especially if you're ever without a mirror. This colour is pretty despite not being how the advert portrayed it and while it's fairly long lasting, it's a little bit more slippery and hard to control than the matte balms. Although it's no where near as opaque as the advert would have you believe, it's still pretty and is a really effortless product if you're in the mood for a little colour but can't be bothered with constant mirror watch.

Have you tried any of the Revlon Color Black Lacquer Balms? What colour is your favourite?

Monday, 24 March 2014

24/3/2014 - My Piercings & Getting Pierced in Glasgow

Hello lovely people - happy Monday! Today I am finally getting around to doing a post I've been asked to do a few times and been meaning to do for ages - yes, it's time for my piercings post!

I have 8 piercings in total - listed in the order I got them done..
  • My lobes - twice of each ear - Summer 2003.
  • My tragus on my left ear - February 2011.
  • A forward helix on my right ear - May 2012.
  • A snug on the left ear - November 2012.
  • My septum - February 2014.
Before I go any further, I just want to put a few things out there... 
  • I am not a professional piercer and everything in this post is based purely on my experiences. Pain and healing will differ.
  • Any piercing will hurt, it's inevitable to have a needle pierce a hole in you and it not hurt. 
  • If you are considering getting any piercings at all, I can't stress enough the importance of going to reputable piercing studio and making sure you are 100% comfortable before you let anyone do any type of body modification on you. 
Now we've got those quick points out of the way, in the interest of not getting my ass kicked, let's get going...

  Left Ear          |          Right Ear



Not entirely sure why I'm really bothering to include these, almost all females have their lobes pierced but for the sake of thoroughness, I will. I got my lobes done when I was about 12, so 11 years later I don't really remember a great deal about it. The pain was pretty low, it's nothing worse than an injection at the dentist. I wouldn't normally suggest piercing guns for anywhere other than for your lobes but to be honest, it's a fleshy/fatty piece of skin with no real purpose so it's never really going to go all that wrong. The healing time for lobes is usually about 6 weeks (as per the recommendation of piercers) but mine healed in about 3. I didn't get my lobes pierced in a piercing studio as such, just a little gift shop/jewellers near where I live although unfortunately it's no longer in business or I'd link it.

(I rarely wear matching earrings - cause I have so   many lobe piercings, I don't really see the point and also find it hard to not loose one of the pair...!)


My tragus was probably the least sore of all my piercings with exceptions of my lobes. It's slightly sorest because the needles going through cartelegde but not much. I think it took about it's recommended time of approx. 8 weeks to heal with no problems at all. I got my tragus done in Nirvana Piercing Studio in Merchant City, Glasgow which I'd definitely say is my favourite and preferencial studio.


Forward Helix

I got my forward helix in Nirvana in May of 2012. It wasn't that sore, probably about the same as my tragus. Again like my tragus, it healed in it's recommended time and I've had no problem with it at all. I currently have a silver ring in it, but I think I'm going to change it to a stud soon. 



My snug was definitely the sorest of all my ear piercings, probably because it's a much thicker piece of cartledge than any of the others. I got this one done kind of on impulse when my friend was getting a piercing in Blancolo Piercing Studio in Glasgow. They do any piercing (aside from nipples and genetalia) for £10 which is a good deal, but for a piercing through such a thick piece of skin, I wish I'd just gone to Nirvana which I'm used to and am comfortable with. In Blancolo, they were pretty rough and with a queue of people, didn't take much time with either myself or my friend. On top of that, they charge a seperate fee of £7 to freeze the area which I think is a bit ridiculous. My snug took about 2 months to heal which was the recommended period, but it's been infected numourous times which puts me off going back to Blancolo. I've currently got a curved silver bar in it, but like my forward helix, I want to change it soon to a curved gold bar.



I got my septum pierced on my 23rd Birthday in February of this year. After getting my tragus done on my 20th birthday, I thought it'd be nice to carry on the birthday piercing tradition. 

It was definitely the sorest piercing I've got, not so much at the time, but afterwards. It wasn't awful getting it done, it just made my eyes water a lot but afterward, it was much sorer to clean and move. On top of that, it's really itchy while it heals which is really annoying as it's such a small, hard to reach area. I was planning on getting it done in Nirvana, but when I went, it was fully booked til the end of the day so in the interest of getting it done on my birthday, I went to Forevermore Tattoo & Piercing studio which I'd been to before with my friend to get tattooed.

The girl who did it advised me that if you need to be able to hide it (like I do for work) to get it pierced with only a slightly curved bar as opposed to a horse-shoe bar as the piece of skin that separates the nostril is what swells up and some people can't flip a horse-shoe up straight away due to swelling. Taking her advice, I got the curved bar but have today, got changed it to a horse shoe as it's now pretty much healed. I wouldn't say my experience was bad as such, I just found the girl (Lola, if anyone's going there) a bit brisk and unfriendly so I probably wouldn't go back there. Plus, it was £35 which I thought was pretty expensive compared to Nirvana & Blancolo. Today, when I went to get it changed from a curved bar to a horse shoe, I went to Nirvana and despite the ball having been screwed on incorrectly, the girl there was so patient and friendly. It cost me £7 for the horse shoe bar and to get it put it.


So there you have it - my metal collection! If you're considering getting a piercing in Glasgow, I can't recommend Nirvana highly enough - it's by far the best out of the places I've been to and know countless other piercing enthusiasts who agree. It's affordable and has a great selection of jewllery as well as really friendly staff who are happy to answer any questions and unlike any of the other studios I've been to, they let a friend come in and hold your hand - bonus! Not that you'd need it cause I've always been made to feel welcome and valued there.

Any further questions, I'll happily answer in the comments below or via Twitter (@Filthy_Paws) and I'll certainly update if I get any new additions to my piercings hall of fame!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

22/3/2014 - OOTN

Hey y'all! Hope everyone's having a great Saturday!
Last night I was out for dinner and drinks combined with my friends baby shower. I've worked with Chloe for nearly 5 years now and she's definitately one of my closest work friends, I'm going to miss her loads while she's off having little baby Ruby but last night was a lovely send off, with balloons, cupcakes,! Since I went straight from work, I didn't have a chance  to snap my outfit. However, being the resourceful little blogger that I am, when  I got home this afternoon having stayed up all night in my friends flat, I thought I'd take the opportunity as I was still in exactly what I was wearing last night...enjoy!

Dress - Miss Selfridge
Kimono - New Look (I sewed the fringing on..!)
Belt - Primark
Boots - French Connection
Bag - Primark
Watch - Casio

I've wanted a velvetty fringed kimono for ages and all of them seem to be so pricey, for something that I'll imagine will be out of style in a year or so, so when I saw this in the  New Look sale for £7, I snapped it up, bought some fringe from eBay and put my fashion degree to good use! Total cost? About £11 compared to most I've seen in Topshop and Zara which are often more than £100! I'm nothing if not a bargain hunter :)

Friday, 14 March 2014

14/3/2014 - The Spring Pastels Edit

Spring has well and truly sprung and just like every year, I face the same issues of trying to incorporate pastels and colour into my primarily dark wardrobe. These are a few of the Spring accents I'm looking forward to wearing when the sun comes out.
  • Clutch - Primark
  • Sunglasses - H&M
  • W7 'The Cheek of It' Blusher in 'Baby Pink'
  • Rimmel London Salon Pro Nail Polish in 'Purple Rain'
Hope you enjoy and lets hope the sun's out soon!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

8/3/2014 - International Womens' Day!

So I'm guessing that most of my followers & readers are female, right? Perhaps not all, but the majority. Today is International Women's Day, a celebration of the inspiring females in the world and a great chance to recognise their, and our own successes. In light of such an important day, I thought I'd share some of the women who inspire me, each in different ways - especially as a fashion graduate and someone who blogs about fashion and beauty, I am often brushed off as or not taken seriously. 

Angelina Jolie
For years, Angelina Jolie has been my favourite actress - 'Girl Interrupted' is one of my favourite movies of all time and her talent is just outstanding, she can play any part she's given flawlessly. She has always been honest and outspoken about issues that have affected her life (cancer, mental health, self-harm etc.) sharing her story in the hope of helping others and on top of that, is an UN ambassador, dedicating a huge amount of her time to helping people around the world. I admire her selflessness and strong character and how she is very well informed, well and possesses informed and educated opinions, someone few actresses do.

Karren Brady
Although it's often brushed over, and assumed that men & women have the same opportunities and are treated the same in business, the fact of the matter is that boardrooms and business meetings remain some of the most sexist places where women still struggle to be taken as seriously as their male counterparts. Karren Brady started her career in football management and was the captain of Birmingham City by 23. She went on to work with Lord Allan Sugar, stared on The Apprentice, gives motivational talks about female empowerment in business and has recently began to move into politician speaking. On top of her endless ambition, she maintains a healthy home & family life and despite suffereing with a Cerebral Aneurysm, she was fully recovered and back to work within a month of having it removed.

Amy Winehouse
Now I can understand a lot of people think I'm blind-sighted when I say that Amy Winehouse was and continues to be a huge inspiration to me. She's not only pretty much solely responsible for revamping the British jazz scene (without her I doubt Duffy, Paloma Faith, Adele wouldn't be where they are) but contributed hugely to charity work from Breast Cancer Research to HIV & Aids. She's also had a big impact on my style too - there's a reason behind me love of a good beehive! But hey, I bet you thought she was just a drug addict, right?

Rebecca Adlington
Although I'm not a sporty person, I find sports people as a whole to be very inspirational - the amount of time, effort and uncompromised dedication to their sport is commendable in itself. Rebecca Adlington in particular though is someone who's achievements are amazing - she's won FOUR Olympics medals! On top of that, she's constantly the target of violent harassment for the way she looks (personally, I think she's very pretty) yet still has the confidence to stand - red-face, soaking wet, in a swimming costume and swim cap in front of the world, no make-up tricks or fancy lighting - something I know I could never do and I doubt you could either. She is a constantly happy and optomistic person and doesn't even give her bullies the time of day. To me, she is the opitome of rising about negetivity and being the bigger person.

Ruby Wax
I love to laugh, I think we all do, and I also love to make people laugh. It's became somewhat of a running joke if any female comedians try to compete with men and generally, female comedians are laughed off (no pun intended!) as tokens. Ruby Wax was the first female comedian I ever really discovered and is still definitely one of the funniest. She's been going strong in the entertainment scene for more than 30 years now and still has me laughing every time I see her on TV or hear her distinctive voice on the radio. She's also very open and outspoken about mental health issues - issues which affect us all and that many celebrities don't publicly talk about through fear of damaging their image or their career.

Mary Portas
As a lover of fashion and someone who works in retail, Mary Portas is someone who I look up to. Mary Portas' expertise in every sector of the retail industry is very impressive and not only has she done an amazing job at branding countless brands and businesses, everything from fruit and vegetable shops to shoe shops, but she understands the importance of branding herself as an individual - she has scoped out the niche for a retail expert in entertainment and made that her speciality with very little competition. She's also involved with LGBT activism and works with Save The Children.

As well as women in the public eye, I am continually inspired by my family, friends and collegues as well as fellow bloggers and think it's important to recognise the importance of other peoples achievements in fueling our own. I'd love to know what females inspire you!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

5/3/2014 - Revlon Neon Nail Art Pens (from Poundland!)

Us beauty bloggers love finding big brands in Poundland, don't we? Well you can only imagine my excitement yesturday when I popped in for a can of juice before work and found Revlon's Neon Nail Art Pens amungst the mish-mash of discontinued products and foreign packaging! I remember eying them up in Superdrug at £7.99 RRP so when I saw all 7 colours from the collection for what would still be nearly £1 cheaper (yes, really!) I picked up three without much consideration at all!

The colours I bought were '100 Atomic Pink' - a pale Barbie pink, '120 Laser Beam' - a bright sea blue and '170 Ultra Violet' - a megentay purple. There's also a neon green, a coral, an orange and a yellow in the collection too - all great Summer brights!

For being nail art pens, I expected the brush to be very thin for fine detailing, but to my suprise they are just normal nail polish brushes - perhaps that's why they ended up in Poundland! However, the colours are so pretty and white nail polish is always useful to have that I don't mind! The formula is thin but easily build-able and very quick drying. I've got a few of Revlon's Nail Enamel's and while the colours are lovely, they take an absolute age to dry so this was such a pleasant and unexpected surprise!

The colours themselves, I love all of them - '100 Atomic Pink' is probably my favourite as I'm just loving all the pink that's around in fashion at the moment (very unlike me!), but I think that '130 Laser Beam' will look amazing in Summer on my toes with a tan and my white sandals!

I'm so happy I finally got to try these out and especially as such a bargain price! Have you found any amazing beauty bits in Poundland recently? I always love hearing what bloggers have discovered in there! :)