Friday, 21 November 2014

My First Ever Yankee Candles

Hii all!

I think it's an unwritten blogger rule that you have to have a unexplainable love of candles, particularly scented ones...or perhaps it's in the Blogspot small print somewhere! I am by no means an exception to this rule - in fact I have an entire drawers full of candles and am filling my bedroom with the warming scent of cinnamon and maple as I'm writing this! There's just something relaxing and homely about them, I can't explain it.

At the weekend though, I did something for the first time that you'd expect any candle enthusiast would be accustomed to - I purchased some Yankee candles!

On Sunday, I was out for afternoon coffee and cake with my family and while my mum and gran were off having a browse,  me and my sister got into that usual scented candle thing - picking them up excitedly like kids in a candle shop and shoving them in each others faces, going 'OMG SMELL THIS ONE!" 

I had no idea til then just how big a variety of scents Yankee do - there must be at least 50 and that wasn't even in the Yankee shop itself where I'm sure there's even more! Sweet, spicy, fruity, floral - the lot!

Now, I won't lie, they are on the pricier side as far as candles go and while usually I'd be tempted to dive straight in with the biggest one (my excuse is that I have high ceilings therefore need bigger ones to fill the air, okay?!) I thought £19.99 for the biggest Yankee jar was pretty steep so decided I'd try out a few before I committed to a scent and bought a few of their samplers which are only £1.80 each.

Candy Cane Lane
At this time of year, I love a good candy cane and have been after a candle with a similar scent for ages. This is a little sweeter than minty which is what I really wanted but I thought after such a lot search, I'd give it a try anyway.

Lemon Lavender
If you follow me on Twitter or you've read this post you might know I suffer from back pain which sometimes makes it difficult for me to sleep. Lavender is well known for helping with sleep, but I'm not overly keen on lavender alone so thought it might be worth trying this as I'm much keener on citrusy scents like lemon. 

Clean Cotton
These are my favour type of smells - anything clean, baby powdery, soapy - I'm all over it. I already have a cotton scented candle from 'For Every Body' but I think I was on a roll and you can never have too many!

Snowflake Cookie
Finally, a Christmas addition. This was Yankee's 'Scent of the Month' meaning it had 25% off so I thought (despite the not very festive colour) I'd be a nice seasonal addition to my mini collection. It smells like sugary baked goodness which I like but I don't know if it'll maybe be over-powering? Not too bad for £1.35!


I've got my eye on a few more - 'Salted Caramel' and 'Fireside Treats' are both lovely warm sugary scents, while I have, since buying that this is actually one called 'Peppermint Swirls' which might be more the type of candy cane inspired scent I was after - I may have opened a jar of worms now - no pun intended!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

October Favourites

How fast is this year going? It's November for crying out load!
I have a rather random selection for my October favourites - beauty, fashion, music, TV and...erm...beverages!

Asda Dry Shampoo in 'Exotic Tropic' - 99p
I asked my sister to pick me up some Batiste and she came home with this. Despite not being what I actually asked for, this turned up to be a bit of an unexpected gem. It doesn't smell quite as good as my usual Cheeky Cherry but for 99p, it's pretty tasty but more importantly, actually works at revitalising my hair!

Primark 'He Loves Me' Eau De Toilette - £6
I won't lie, it was the very Marc Jacob's inspired packaging that drew me in, but this budget perfume is a real surprise. It's definitely a floral scent (duh, it's got a daisy on it!) but it's not too girly and for the price, the scent really lingers all day. I really like the 30ml bottle too, it's dinky enough to just chuck in your handbag!

Treacle Moon 'Marshmallow Hearts' Bath and Showel Gel - £2.99
So I'm not entirely sure if marshmallow hearts are a thing in their own right or if they are literally heart shaped marshmallows (help a sister out!) but this stuff smells incredible. It's sweet, but smells slightly like baby powder too and again, so such an affordable product (I do believe it's £2.99 for a 500ml bottle) the smell stays in your skin all day long.

Primark P.S. Love Your Nails Nail Polish Twist Pot - £1
We've all heard of the Maybelline Express Remover Pot which is a great idea, but £4.99 for a tiny little pot? This however, it's much bigger, works perfectly (even with gel polishes!) and only 1. Plus the sponge inside is black which I much prefer, it's far less off-putting than shoving your fingers into a sludgy once-was-white one.

I never really imagined myself having a favourites with such an emphasis on beverages yet somehow here we are...!

Juicy Water Oranges & Lemons
Not much to say - can't get enough of this though, it's became my new morning  drink of choice and I'm finding myself hitting up Sainbury's every morning before work to get my fix.

Knightsbridge Refreshing and Fruity Very Berry Tea - 89p
I'm not normally a hot drinks kind of gal. The odd hot chocolate here and there, yes, but I'm RSVP'ing mostly for the whipped cream and marshmallows, let's be honest. This stuff however has totally revolutionised my outlook on hot drinks. It's caffeine free so I'm finding myself sitting on several cups a day (even just now as I write this!) - it's so warm and comforting for early Winter mornings or cold dark evenings when finally getting in out the rain.

Minnie Mouse cup - £2.50, Primark
Not much to say about this really, I mean it's a mug, but now that I'm a hot drinks convert, I had to add my own to the family mug cupboard! 

What have you been loving over October?

Monday, 3 November 2014

#LushChristmas Event

Helloo all!
Last Wednesday, I was invited along to Glasgow's Lush flagship store for their '#LushChristmas' press and bloggers event, previewing their amazing 2014 Christmas collections as well as celebrating all the old festive favorites - Yes Snow Fairy, you better believe I'm looking at you!

Lovely Christmas gift boxes - who wouldn't want to wake up after Santa's been to 
that huuuge big one? It's the dream, lets not pretend!

I tottled along after work, joining some of the other Scottish bloggers and was greeted with Bucks Fizz - that's when you know Christmas is coming! As always, the staff in Lush were so super friendly and well informed (something that working in retail myself, I find increasingly rare and something I really value). 

One of each please!

The store was set up in different stations - bath, shower, hair, skin etc. so it was easy to know where to find everything or just generally for a browse around, basking in that glorious Lush scent and "accidently" getting covered in glitter. 

I had absolutely NO idea what Lush did perfumes too? 
I love the Dirty one, it's so seaside-y smelling!

The staff showed us loads of the new products, everything from this years limited edition shower gel, the warm and cosy smelling 'Hot Toddy' (it is Christmas bottled, you got to get a whiff of that baby!) to Winter classics like the Cinders bath bomb with popping candy for added bath time fizz.

I absolutely love Rock Star soap (it's the closest thing in their permanent collection to Snow Fairy!) but the jury's still out on the Yog Nog soap - very sugary and indulgent smelling which I know a lot of poeple love, but maybe a little too sweet for me. If you love Creme Brulee or sticky toffee pudding, this is the soap for you!

For someone who doesn't bathe much (I'm a shower typa gal before anyone makes a joke!) there sure are a lot of bath bombs I want to try out. The lovely Fiona from 'The Beauty Fiend' suggested trying them in a basin to soak your feet though, which, working in heels all day is something I do like to indulge in every now and then - what a great idea!

There is a Lush advent calender!

I'm a right sucker for savory smelling products - anything even vaguely oat-y or cereal-y - I'm all over that! I was a little put off by the jelly texture of this Movis facial soap but it smells divine and I may just have to make a return trick for it! It's not thaaat weird to want your face to smell like bread, right?


I was absolutely in my element at Lush - just starting to feel Wintery therefore in the mood for a relaxing night in full of pampering. That combination of being the day after payday, receiving great one-on-one expert advice and all while sipping alcohol while you browse - it's a dangerous yet rewarding one!

With a big fat whole in my debit card, it's safe to say that my pamper supplies are now full to the brim. Want to see what I bought? Course you do!

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub - an old favourite, a really chunky scrub with a great, seaside salty smell. I use it all over for a really thorough exfoliate or on my face is my complexion is looks tired and dull.

Ultrabland Facial Cleanser - The only one I was talked into..! But I'm so glad I was, a month of continued use is supposed to restore your skin back to it's natural balance so I have high hopes - watch this space!

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub - Another scrub but totally different - this one is much finer and smells like sherbit but not in a sickly-sweet way. Yum!

Mint Julips Lip Scrub - Can you see a scrub theme emerging? I already have the popcorn and bubblegum ones which are both pretty sweet so I thought I'd add the delicious Mint Julips one to my collection too. One of the great things about products with mint is that they're really soothing (ever wondering why people put toothpaste on spots?) so this scrub perfect for Winter chapped lips.

Dirty Shower Gel - One of those amazing really fresh and minty smelling shower gels. Great for those early morning wake-me-up showers and as I was told my some of the male Lushies, quite the unisex favourite.

Liquid Eyeliner in 'Fantasy' & 'Feeling Secure' - I love everything about these, the pitette inspired packaging, the tiny little glass bottles, the potion-like paper tags - they're adorable. One of the girls showed me how they are really buildable and blendable to creating your own colour combinations poses endless possibilities or they can be worn alone too.


Finally, from the ever generous people at Lush*, a lovely Christmas surprise in form of not one, but TWO of their festive gift boxes!

Festive Funtimes! - This is the BEST idea for a giftset ever - not only does it contain 2 shower gels (Lush products which I've always been really intrigued by and want to try!) but it has all the necessary ingredients for building your very own soapy snowmen - think of it as PlayDoh but with soap! In my opinion, this would be a great Christmas present for someone with young children or a fun Christmassy way to spend an afternoon during the school holidays if you've got younger brothers or sisters or nieces or nephews!

Poptastic! - Featuring 2 Christmas bath bombs, Cinders for for a cinnonmon bath explosion and Shoot For The Stars for a sparkly silver colour fest. I can't wait to try out Fiona's foot bath tip with both of these!

Thank you so much again to all the lovely people at Lush, Buchanan Street - I had a fantastic night trying out all the new products and meeting loads of lovely people and am already having so much fun tucking into all my new festive treats!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Wedding OOTD!

Hi hi hiiii!
Yesturday, my friends got married! HOW EXCITING!
I've been friends with the blushing bride for nearly 6 years and she's been with her lovely new hubby the whole time, so it was an absolute joy to see the couple finally tie the knot - So I thought it'd be nice to share my outfit and some photos for the beautiful day - enjoy!

Dress - Kaliko
Fascinator - Local Market
Heels - New Look
Clutch - eBay

I've only ever been to the evening reception of wedding before so I didn't half struggle to know what to wear and find co-ordinating accessories for all day, not to mention find heels I could last all day long in!

I'm so happy for my lovely friends to finally walk down the aisle (to 'Harder Than You Think' by Public Enemy), it was a perfect day with amazing people, great music, lovely food and cocktails in teacups all wrapped up in a beautiful old castle - what more could you ask for?

Saturday, 11 October 2014

October Wishlist

Hii all! It's been absolutely ages since I've did a wishlist post, but with A/W officially upon us (yey!) there's loads of pieces I've been eying up so I thought I'd through together a little collection - enjoy!

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8 

1 - Absolutely great invention. Perfect for adding a collar to jumpers, dresses, tshirts, anything really, but without the added 'bunf' of an actual shirt. Genius!

2 - Admittedly, searching 'Halloween' on ASOS probably wasn't my best move ever as I now want everything, but how stunning is this garland? Only £12 too!

3 - Such an adorable, dainty little necklace from local Glaswegian boutique, Noxious. With 'Small Business Saturday' approaching on 6th December, I may just have to treat myself. Sterling Silver too!

4 - It's black and white, checkerboard and boxy - I love everything about this little satchel, especially the swingin' sixties vibes!

5 - I have tried so many branches of Superdrug's to get my paws on some of the lovely Zoella's goodies but I still haven't been successful - you're all too quick for me! As a lover of scented candles, especially at this time of year, I really want to track this little number down.

6 - We all loved the Topshop fluffy heels, but these are a fraction of the price and I personally prefer this heel shape. 6 colour variations too - I need an excuse for the red ones, I love the retro boudoir vibes.

7 - Another box bag, oopsies! The amazing colours in this look like spilled oil, it's incredible. This bag as the main item with even the simplest of jeans and jumper would look great!

8 - Dark floral are my absolute favour every A/W. This dress is definitely inspired by Valentino's A/W 2014 collection (one of my favourites from PFW) and I love the contrast of the sheer sleeves.

Which are your favourites?

Monday, 6 October 2014

Florence Anne Fragrance Graphfruit & Lime Eau De Toilette

Hi lovelies - hope everyone's having a happy Monday!
Now, for someone who loves beauty products, fragrance is something I never really feel that passionately about so don't often have much to say on it. I mean, sure, I like to smell good, but I don't often buy new perfumes nor am a particularly drawn to fragrance halls in the same way I am make-up counters. That being said though, I was having a mooch around in Boots yesterday, convincing myself it wasn't too early to look at the Christmas gift section and I came across this brand, Florence Anne Fragrance, which I'd never heard of before. 

The range comes in 3 fragrances - Grapefruit & Lime, Blackcurrant & Fig and Patchouli & Clove. What drew me in most was the packaging - isn't it just such a beautiful cross between The White Company and Jo Malone? I love it, it just looks so clean and minimal and expensive. The range features everything from body wash, hand cream and lotion to candles, cosmetics bags and reed diffusers.
I wasn't particularly keen on the smell of the Patchouli & Clove, it just isn't my 'type' of scent, but the Grapefruit & Lime and the Blackcurrant & Fig are both lovely. After testing both and debating which I preferred, I decided to go with the Grapefruit & Lime eau de toilette. 

As you can imagine, it's a sharp fruity scent, which isn't too sweet but what I think is great about such an affordable perfume, is it's lasting power. I tested one on one hand and one on the other at around 4pm and I could still smell both of them quite distinctively when going to bed at midnight. The smell is beautiful and the bottle is so chic and girl for sitting on my dressing table (which always helps!) - for now, I am loving this scent, but considering they're only £10 for a 45ml bottle, I think it's pretty much inevitable that I'll be back for the Blackcurrant & Fig too which is a much 'Winterier' scent!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

September Favourites

Hii all!

I haven't been around much over the month of September, things have been a little...weird (can you tell I don't want to go into detail?) but I'm back today with all the things which I've been loving over the past month - hope you enjoy!

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in '170 Night Kiss'

It's no secret that one of my favourite A/W berry tones for my lips is MAC's 'Rebel'. I recently picked up this lipstick after loosing my MAC one and having seen the lovely Hailey's Instagram pic of these lipsticks. It's almost identical in colour (a hybrid of purple and magenta) but this is more moisturising than the MAC one which I think I might actually prefer. It's only £6.99 compared to £15 for MAC lipsticks so it's a good alternative is you're a penny pincher like me!

Superdrug's Solait Self Tan Tinted Lotion - £6.99 

Usually I'm the 'pale and proud' type, but I have a wedding coming up (meaning a dress without tights which a very alien concept to me!) so I've been trying to perfect my tanning routine so my usually pasty limbs don't look quite as much like raw sausages. Despite accidently buying 'Dark' which I meant to pick up 'Medium', I'm loving Superdrug's . It's somewhere between a gradual and an instant tan, it applies which a little colour but develops properly over the following 4 hours and the colour is surprisingly smooth. Admittedly I'm no fake tan expert but I'm loving this stuff and look forward to having glowing legs - watch this space!

iPod to iPhone 5 conversion cable - £3, Tiger

Having an old iPod classic and an iPhone 5S means I always need to carry round 2 separate charging cables, so when I saw this genius invention in Tiger, I didn't even think twice before buying it. You plug it into the end of an old school iPod/iPhone 4 cable to change the port into the iPhone 5 charger - absolute god-send of a product and only £3. It comes in green and in pink too but I thought classic Apple white was best!

Black & Gold Necklace - £6, Primark

Y'all may recognise this. Primark did this same necklace in pastel colours in Spring and everyone and their cat went crazy for it, myself included. I'm guessing this is their Autumn version and although I loved the pastel one, the black is definitely more 'me'. It's one of those really effortless but statement pieces of jewellery which can bring an outfit to life - this with a plain dress or a jumper and jeans and you're sorted! 

Garnier Skin Naturals Miracle Skin Cream - Anti-ageing Skin Transforming Care

So I sent away for some dresses for the aforementioned wedding from Dorothy Perkins (which as it happens are all going back!) but this little sample was in my parcel. The tube is teeny tiny so doesn't have a huge amount of info, but from what I can gather, it's a very slightly tinted moisturiser? I generally need/prefer more coverage than a tinted moisturiser can give but I've been using this as a base for my foundation and I love it, it's really smooth and helps keep the rest of my make-up from sliding around. Only problem? I can't seem to find it in Superdrug or Boots in order to buy the full sized version...!
Bit of a mixed bag this month, but hey ho! What've you been loving throughout September?